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i actually didn't mind the voices. they fit in a unique way. made it more interesting for me!


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that tree kick was sweet!! love the artwork. lots of great shots and moments. good music. good voices. overall nice

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HAHA! i loved the master swimmer comment when he can't swim. perfect. great game

dudes... great frickin work. i'm a very big fan of visuals. this game is so beautiful. the colors are delicious, like a stuffed crust buffalo chicken pizza. you do great work. any chance you might take up an offer on some music for something? i'd be interested in working with you

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nice concept!! i like it

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i dig

i do agree with CyroNG here, while you intended the kick to pop out, it is a bit overcooked. i can hear some conflicting frequencies (bass i think) which is causing the drowning). but that arp melody, my lord. beautiful. i still rated 5 stars and added it to my favorite audio. because you're good. also we need to collab.

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yeah, i will revisit this track and mix it properly. tyvm :)

i approve. this is like nexuiz game music. and experimental is such an awesome world of infinity where you go anywhere to get anywhere and so on. it reveals how great music is. but a lot of people today put stuffy uniforms on music to label it a certain thing and become fixated on the idea that it can only be done in that specific way. really good track

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experimenting is really discovering something new. thank you for your review :P

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dude.... this is the sexiest picture i've ever seen on all of the internet.

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FuShark responds:

Man, that's bold. Take a few laps around the internet. I'm sure you'll find better real quick.


love the flowing hair and her eyes light a fire in me

i also love the short hair. beautiful

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musician and artist. open to collabs or contact me if interested in getting your music hosted on my youtube.

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